F A Q – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries in regards to the Auction or its process please read below information prior to calling as we have tried to cover all the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Please note that the Full Terms and Conditions of each Auction Sale will be available on the Front Page of the Catalogue and may vary from Auction to Auction.

Can I purchase an item before Auction as I can’t get to the auction on the day?

Sydney Auctions conducts traditional on site auctions  – and in doing so we do not sell, or accept offers for any item prior to the Auction Day. If you are unable to be at the Auction, there are alternatives that are available including Absentee Bidding, Phone Bidding and Online Bidding. These may differ in availability due to the Auction site location, phone reception or other reasons but we try and have all available at each to make the process easier for the bidder. In person is the best way to bid as you are there in the action and are able to make your decision based on what is going on and how much you are willing to pay – it would be a shame to miss out on something for the sake of a few dollars. Absentee bidder forms are available on the viewing day as well as online.

Can I make an Absentee Bid? Can I make an offer on an item?

No offers will be accepted prior to the item being sold via the auction process. If you would like to make an “offer” as you wont be there on the day then you can fill out an absentee bidders form and we will accept your offer, as a binding absentee bid and as part of the auction process and the highest bidder on the day will be the successful winner of that item.  Any bid made on Absentee Bidder forms are binding.

Can I just go and have a look at the items being auctioned?

NO! Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to visit the auction site at any other times other than what is stated on the auction flyer – this will include a viewing day (usually the day before the auction) and on the morning prior to the auction. If you are caught on the premises at any other times then this will be considered trespassing and repercussions may result. The Clearing Sales are normally conducted on Private Property and all rules in regards to trespassing apply.

How do I get there?  Where do I park?

There will be a mud map provided on our website for the auction location.  This may not be available until the last week of the auction but the locality will be available on all advertising. There will be extensive signage with directional arrows on how to get to each of the auction properties on the Auction / Viewing day. Please follow directions from Sydney Auction Staff and parking signs on the day. Disabled Parking areas will be allocated and signposted.

How much do you think it will sell for?

This is one of the most often asked questions – and the hardest to answer.  With any auction – it is hard to determine what an item will sell for.  It all depends on who turns up at the auction and who is bidding on that item when it comes time to sell it. There may be lots of interest in an item and no one shows up at the auction for it, or an item is sought after and therefore a lot of people turn up and only a few bid, or they all bid. Price is very much determined on the day.  It is a good suggestion to do a bit of homework on the lot you are interested in before coming to auction or putting an absentee bid in for it.  We are unable to provide you with an estimate on what it will sell for on the day.

Are there any reserves on the auction lots?

It is the vendors prerogative to set any reserves (minimum price) for an item at the auction and also their prerogative to change or withdraw items – although this seldom occurs.  Reserves are usually set for high priced items, or collectable items that have a much higher value than the auction bidding process achieves.   Any items reserved will be advised of on the auction day.

How do I register for a bidders card? How much does it cost? What do I need to Register?

Bidders Registration opens on Viewing Day and available on Auction Day.  Prior to bidding you will require a bidder registration – no bids will be accepted without a Bidders Number. Bidder Registration will be available at the Site Office (or table) and you will need your Current Drivers license showing address.  This will be photocopied for Sydney Auctions records only, and recorded along with your designated bidder number. Your phone number and  email address will also be required.  Bidders registration with Sydney Auctions is free.  Your bidder number is required when you make payment for any purchases as well.

How do I bid?

Louise Purtle (or David Purtle) from Sydney Auctions will be the auctioneer on the day, and will be standing in an elevated position when auctioning.  There will also be several pink shirted Sydney Auction “spotters” around them looking for bids.  If you are wanting to bid on an item make yourself known to the auctioneer or the staff so that they can see you and keep you in the bidding.  The auction process runs pretty fast, with the bidding going pretty quick, so you should make quick and clear decisions so as not to lose out.  There are generally a crowd of people around the auctioneer so make yourself seen.  Even call out “Louise” if you don’t think you’ve been seen – make sure you have your bidders card with number facing the auctioneer, no further bids will be taken after the fall of the hammer.

How do I know I’ve been the successful bidder on a lot?

At the fall of the hammer the lot is sold to the highest bidder and no further bids will be taken after that time.  The Auctioneer will state that the lot has been sold to bidder number “123”.  It is then recorded on the auctioneers sheets which are then sent to the site office for accounting against your bidder number.  This is why its a good idea to have the catalogue and a pen (both available at registration desk) if you are planning on bidding.

Do I pay GST on the item I purchased?

The GST component will depend on the type of clearing sale we are doing and what the position of the vendor is.  The information whether GST is applicable or not to the auction will be advised on the front of the Auction Catalogue for that particular auction.

Do I have to pay a Buyers Premium?

A Buyers Premium of 10% +GST will apply to all lots sold.  ie.  if you purchased an item at auction for $100 + Buyers Premium (11% inc GST) you would be required to pay $111.00

How can I see what is in the lot and whats coming up?

Sydney Auction Catalogues are available for $2 at the Bidders Registration table.  Pens are also for sale at $1.  Great for making sure that you don’t miss out on the lot you were after.

What time will my lot be sold as I can’t be there all day?

All Sydney Auctions are run as quickly and smoothly as possible. Items are sold as per the catalogue / lot order with approx 60-80 lots being sold per hour. It is recommended that you get to the auction in plenty of time so you don’t miss out on your desired lot if the auction runs fast.

When can I collect my purchases??

The Auctioneer will advise when any previous lots sold are available to be collected, this may be at the conclusion of a particular area or depending on the set up not until towards the end of the auction due to WHS requirements.  Collection must be made after full payment is made and must be signed off and accompanied by a member of the Sydney Auction Team (look for the pink shirts).

How do I pay?

Payment for your successful purchases can be made onsite once they have been entered into the Sydney Auction system.  Please allow at least 20 minutes after your final item before finalising purchases as there is a process which has to be adhered to. Payment can be made with Cash, Eftpos or direct deposit.  Unfortunately, due to the location of some Auction Clearing Sites we are unable to provide eftpos or direct deposit facilities due to lack of telephone / internet service.  Unfortunately, No Company or Personal Cheques will be accepted as payment.  Direct Deposit is available and a receipt is required from you either by email to accounts@sydneyauctions.com.au or via MMS to 0412 322 036. Direct Deposits can not collect their items until funds have been cleared.

Can I pay a deposit and then pay the balance?

On higher priced sales – a $500 cash deposit or 10% deposit (whichever is greater) is required.  Goods will not be available for collection until the balance of the sale has been received by Sydney Auction Pty Ltd

How do I collect my purchases once I’ve paid for them?

Once completion of payment for your purchases has been received by Sydney Auctions, you will be given an itemised receipt.  No Items can be moved, collected  or picked up without the assistance of a Sydney Auctions Team Member (Pink Shirt), Staff will check off your list with the items taken and assist you with the collection.  Please do not collect or move any item without the SA staff in assistance. Designated collection points will be set up around the auction site and you will need to provide your own boxes or packing materials.

When can I collect my purchases? How long can i take to remove it?

You can collect your purchases once you have paid for the item. Each Auction may vary slightly and full Auction conditions are available on the front of the catalogue. The majority of the items will be collected and taken on the day of the auction, however if payment or other alternative arrangements need to be made for the relocation – especially of heavy machinery then this will usually occur the day after or at a time that is arranged between the purchaser and the Auctioneer.  The terms of the sale may differ from each sale and it is up to the purchaser to make arrangements for the collection of items purchased.  We encourage that the majority of your purchases be collected on the Auction Day.  Please note that as per the Terms and Conditions of the Auction Sale that the bidder is the owner on the fall of the hammer on each lot and is therefore strongly advised to effect insurance immediately. Neither the auctioneer nor the vendor will be held responsible for any loss or damage to any lot after the fall of the hammer. Buyers should be aware of the Terms and Conditions effecting the sale that may preclude them from taking deliver of their lots immediately upon the fall of hammer.

What if I don’t want everything in the lot that I bid for?

Occasionally there may be items in your purchased lot that you may not want.  You may not under any circumstance, move,  change or remove these items from your purchased lot or any other lot.  The lot that you bid on and won includes all items in the lot and you must take with you all of these items.

How do I know if a motor vehicle or motors work?

All motors will be available for starting at the Viewing Day only.  Motors will only be started by a member of the Sydney Auctions Staff (Pink Shirt) and under no circumstances are members of the public allowed to the tinker with, or operate any machinery without the assistance of a member of Sydney Auctions present. No Motors, or vehicles will be started on the Auction Day. All items will be sold as is.

How do I know if an electrical item works?

All electrical items are, as a requirement of the law, tag tested by a licensed electrician.  Other electrical items that are sold, are sold as is and as scrap as they may not warrant the cost of a tag test and no responsibility or liability will be accorded. These items that are sold as scrap will be noted as such in the catalogue.  They may work perfectly and have no faults, or be as in new condition.

What if my friend can’t make – can I bid for them?

Legally, it is against the law to bid on or purchase any item at an auction by bidding as someone other than yourself.  If you are bidding on an item, you as the bidder are fully responsible and liable for any purchases that you make.

What if I change my mind about a purchase?

If you are the highest bidder on the fall of the hammer you are responsible for the purchase and removal of the item purchased.  All items are sold on an as is basis, which is why we highly recommend viewing the items prior to the start of the auction.